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  • What is the date for the Fort Loramie Long Shot Raffle? 

    • The 2022 Raffle is scheduled for Saturday, July 1st, 2023 kicking off during the Liberty Days parade,

  • Where does the event take place?

    • Our raffle drawing will take place during the Fort Loramie Liberty Days festival which is held at the Fort Loramie Community Youth Park. The Community Park is centrally located in the middle of the Village at the intersection of Louis and Lane Street.​

  • When does the raffle begin?

    • The Liberty Days event starts at 10am Saturday. The raffle prize drawing will begin once the parade is over with the first prize being drawn during the parade! All prizes will be announced approximately every 5 minutes with the final prize drawing at approximately 7:30pm. 

  • When can I begin purchasing tickets?

    • November 18, 2022! Tickets will be available for purchase online and at various retail locations.

  • How can I purchase tickets? 

    • Tickets will be available online for credit card purchases. If you'd like to purchase with cash, the following locations will have paper tickets available:  Wagner's IGA (Fort Loramie), Fort Loramie Hardware, Gaier's Garage, PSG, It's All About You, The 5th Clipper Barber and Meyer's Garage. *Online purchases will incur a $5.00 finance charge.

  • Do I need to be present to win?

    • Nope! You do not need to be present to win. However! We are giving away SIX - $1,000 attendance required bonus prizes!

  • Is there a place to park for the event? 

    • General Parking is available at the lot off Herman Street. Additional parking can be found along Louis and Lane Street and near the park area. ​​​

  • What about food and beverages?​

    • We've got that too! The Liberty Days festival has several organizations that sell food and beverages. We have pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, shroom burgers, the most delicious french fries you've ever had, and more. Children's beverages such as Gatorade, water, and pop will be available as well as ice cold adult beverages

  • Will there be entertainment at the raffle?

    • You bet there is! Liberty Days is always filled with entertainment; you will have turtle races to watch, bands to listen to, and enough blackjack to tickle your fancy. 

  • What happens if you don't sell all the tickets.... Are all of the prizes awarded?​

    • All prizes will be awarded to sold tickets. Any unsold tickets become property of the Loramie Long Shot raffle.

  • Can I come to the drawing even if I don't have a ticket?

    • Of course you can! Anyone is more than welcome to listen in on the drawing and enjoy the Liberty Days festival.

  • Can I win more than one prize?​

    • Nope! Once your number is drawn, it is taken out of the pool. This guarantees a larger chance of winning one of our 80 prizes. ​You can most definitely purchase more than one ticket, but only 1 prize per ticket.​​​

  • Will I have to pay any taxes on my prize?​

    • Yes. You are responsible for any and all taxes associated with your winnings. (Our ticket notes which items include taxes paid)

  • Who puts on the raffle? And where does the money go? 

    • The Fort Loramie Athletic Boosters host the raffle during the Liberty Days festival. The proceeds from the event are used by the Booster Club to support all Fort Loramie Redskin athletic programs. ​


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